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Why join Desert Doctors?

Improved Care

Desert Doctors provides physicians with:
  • Exceptional support, which improves patient care
  • Access to practice patterns
  • More time to focus on priorities

Improved Relationships

We are an association for marketing and education, which:
  • Connects local physicians
  • Improves patient care quality
  • Encourages physician efficiency while reducing costs

Improved Health

Desert Doctors provides patients with:
  • Coordinated care from doctors and hospitals
  • Improved long-term health
  • Improved long-term health

Upcoming Events

Prostate MRI and MR-Guided Intervention in the Desert 2017

October 5, 2017- 1:00 pm

Join us in beautiful Palm Springs for three days of CME with a world-renowned international faculty. During this first-of-its kind event at the USCAP Interactive Learning Center, participants will learn about multi-parametric prostate MRI, MRI guided intervention and genitourinary pathology. Limited priority seating for on-site case participation is also available. Learn all about advancement in prostate cancer management from the experts!
Call 760-776-8989 for more information or visit:


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Desert Doctors

Your Direct Access To Primary & Specialty Doctor Care

Desert Doctors can help make your healthcare choices a bit simpler. Our group was formed by a variety of the Coachella Valley’s top physicians to bring affordable, quality health care to our community. Whether you’re a professional athlete sidelined by a sports injury, or a family of four in need of routine and preventative care, Desert Doctors is your direct access to primary and specialty doctor care.

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Our doctors believe in providing affordable, quality patient care with compassion, competence and autonomy for patients in the Coachella Valley region and beyond.

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