Patient Resources

As a healthcare consumer, you have many choices where you take your business. In the Coachella Valley, Desert Doctors offers you excellent value for your healthcare dollars, as well as the personalized, compassionate care you may have thought was gone forever from the modern healthcare system. While modern healthcare conglomerates pull resources, the result is that they do not offer the most affordable healthcare or the most satisfying relationship with your doctor.

The Desert Doctors Difference

Desert Doctors does things differently. By offering you direct access to primary and specialty care physicians throughout the Coachella Valley, you get the caring service that reassures you that you are in good hands, while saving you – and your insurance company – money.

Working from their own locations and with less bureaucracy than large hospitals, the doctors at Desert Doctors can offer quality health care for less. We pass the savings on to you without padding your bill for the use of costly hospital facilities that you may or may not even use.

Finding The Right Coachella Valley Doctor

At Desert Doctors, we are committed to helping you find the best physician for your needs. We know that you not only want a competent doctor with the education and experience needed to manage your health; you may want to work with someone who is near your home, is a particular gender, or who speaks the same language. The Desert Doctor system makes it easy for you to find a physician who matches your criteria and, when you have located him or her, makes it easy for you to connect with them to set up an appointment

To start your search for a healthcare provider, you can check our Doctor’s Directory, which allows you to select a physician based on criteria that are important to you. The site features website links to extraordinary physicians in our network. After you have seen the credentials, you can  even click through to the doctor’s website where you will find patient information, forms, editorials related to various diseases, and patient instructions to make your experience easy and comfortable.

Our Call Advisors Can Help You

While there are many Find a Doctor Services out there, Desert Doctors makes it easy to find someone you want to work with. Then what? You simply contact one of our Call Advisors at 760-232-4646 who can give you more information about the physician, set up an appointment. By working with the call advisor, you can often get an appointment sooner than if you made direct contact.

When you have a question arise and need to speak your doctor – but not necessarily make an appointment – your call advisor can get you online or phone access. Our member doctors are dedicated to maintaining a strong doctor-patient relationship, while providing excellent service.

Finding a good doctor is easy with our threefold philosophy:

  • Make it simple
  • Keep it personalized
  • Ensure value

We operate under an equation that benefits you: QUALITY + LOW COST healthcare = VALUE for you!

Get started today by finding a healthcare provider on our Doctors Directory, Affiliated Care Facilities, or Allied Health Services page.

When you are ready to make an appointment or if you need more information, contact one of our call advisors at 760-232-4646.