Pulmonology Specialist Joins Desert Doctors

Written by: Desert Doctors

February 1, 2021

My outpatient pulmonary practice is fully staffed and prepared to make appointments for all patients with chronic lung diseases and obstructive sleep disorders.

Our office is equipped with a new state-of-the-art pulmonary function machine with a licensed respiratory therapist performing the tests and we assure timely test results.

I am also available for inpatient pulmonary/critical care consultations and have complete access to all patient medical records including radiographic images. In addition, I can provide referrals to tertiary care centers for patients with advanced lung diseases.

For my medical services, please contact my office at 760.895.4292 or fax your referral to 760.895.4015.


Shahriyar Tavakoli, M.D., FCCP, MHA