Senior Patients are at Risk!

By Balaji Nettimi, PsyD

Neuropsychological assessment for memory loss or other neurocognitive deficits that last 3-4 hours in a closed room is not a current option. We are offering geriatric neuropsychological assessments from the comfort and safety of the patient's home.

Senior Patients are at Risk!
Call (760) 776-6543 for appointment
Covered by Medicare (no out of pocket costs)

Patient requirements for assessment:

  1. Availability of laptop or desktop with internet access (we will train the senior patient to successfully complete assessment process in minutes).
  2. Head phones compatible to the laptop or desktop.
  3. Scanner availability for laptop or desktop.
  4. Fax or email availability from laptop or desktop.

We will diagnose neurocognitive and or psychiatric disorder, while ruling out normal age related neurocognitive decline. Final report along with diagnosis and treatment recommnendation will be available in a week or two after initial appointment. Neurocognitive therapy including memory training is also available by tele-counseling if warranted.

Balaji Nettimi, PsyD

Neuropsychological Assessment (Memory and Dementia)
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