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Karen K. Elbert, PT, DPT, OCS

Karen K. Elbert, PT, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapy


St. Ambrose University, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Davenport, IA

St. Ambrose University and Rock Valley Physical Therapy, Orthopedic residency Davenport, IA


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Areas of Practice:

Outpatient services for physical therapy specializing in orthopedics.

General orthopedic conditions; shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, strains/sprains, tendinitis, rotator cuff tears, arthritis, fractures, athletic injuries, spinal pain, ligament injuries, bursitis and general treatment for foot, ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder, elbow and wrist

Rehabilitation, sports performance, posture training, balance training, fall prevention, core stabilization, athletic performance taping or injury taping