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Roland D. Reinhart, M.D.

Roland D. Reinhart, M.D.

Pain Management


University of California, Los Angeles  9/78-6/81

Bachelor of Science- Psychobiology

University of Texas Health Science Center   8/83-5/87

Southwestern Medical School, Dallas, Texas

Medical Doctorate

University of California, Irvine    6/87-6/88

Long Beach VA, Long Beach, CA

Internship  -  Internal Medicine

University of Texas Health Science Center     7/88-7/90

San Antonio, Texas

Resident – Anesthesiology

University of Texas Health Science Center   7/90-7/91

San Antonio, Texas

Chief Resident – Anesthesiology

Areas of Practice:

Roland D. Reinhart M.D.

About Roland D. Reinhart, M.D. – Pain Management specialist

In 1998, Roland D. Reinhart, M.D. started his practice because he recognized that patients with chronic and recurring pain issues were hard-pressed to find responsive and effective care through their existing health care options. His goal was simple: Build a system that would allow him and his colleagues to see patients, order tests, and begin treatment immediately, rather than making people wait days or weeks for relief.

Experience And Philosophy

His years of experience taught Dr. Reinhart that pain patients need more than just palliative care; they need options. They need doctors who are specially trained and equipped not only to provide relief from the pain, but to find solutions that get people’s lives back on track. Dr. Reinhart built his practice on the understanding that the ultimate goal of pain management should be restoring the patient’s quality of life.

In order to expand his team’s ability to treat sources of pain and to expedite care for patients who need a surgical procedure, Dr. Reinhart founded Advanced Pain Management Surgical Center, a state-of-the-art specialty facility dedicated to pain management procedures. By developing a new and comprehensive system to deal with pain issues, Dr. Reinhart gives patients the best possible chance to not only relieve but to actually eliminate pain with as few side effects as possible, and get back to living a lifestyle they can enjoy.

Roland D. Reinhart, M.D.:

After graduating from UCLA, Dr. Reinhart attended medical school at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas.  He completed his residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, where he was chief resident.

Dr. Reinhart has co-authored a number of articles in anesthesiology dealing with patient safety. He wrote two chapters in the pain management textbook Decision Making in Anesthesiology. In 1991 he joined the medical staff at Eisenhower Memorial Hospital where he served as Chief of Anesthesiology. In 1998, Dr. Reinhart decided to devote all his energy toward pain management and went into solo practice. In 2000, Dr. Reinhart founded Advanced Pain Management, dedicated to providing the best medical technology available for alleviating pain and suffering.

For more than 20 years now, Dr. Reinhart has been helping to relieve his patients of pain while also helping to advance functional ability, improve emotional well-being, and optimize their quality of life. Dr. Reinhart's philosophy is that now, more than ever, you have options to alleviate your pain.