Dear Desert Doctors Members,

Offered by: Jumpstart AI, your new partner for innovative patient education.

What They Do

At Jumpstart AI, we leverage the power of artificial intelligence to create highly customizable, low-cost videos tailored to meet your specific needs. With AI, video creation is fast, flexible, and affordable, and we manage the entire video creation process for you.

Why Videos?

We understand that patient education is essential in improving health outcomes. It’s a known challenge – creating written instructions is tedious and patients often don't read it. Here is where videos can become your strongest ally. They are engaging, easy to comprehend, and far more effective in educating patients.

The Problem They Solve

Traditional video solutions, while effective, can be prohibitively expensive. This is where Jumpstart AI steps in. With our Artificial Intelligence technology, videos are now 10 times cheaper and 10 times more customizable than traditional video making.

Exclusive Offer for Desert Doctors Members

In appreciation of your commitment to healthcare, we are excited to extend an exclusive discount to all Desert Doctors members: $150 OFF any video. If you’re looking for a package deal, we also have additional discounts for orders of 3 or more videos.

Learn More

For more detailed information about what we can offer you, please visit our “Desert Doctors + Jumpstart” site or view our overview presentation deck that we shared with your board.  Both resources have examples of our work.

We are excited about the possibility of working with you to revolutionize patient education and engagement through cutting-edge, AI-powered video content. Please contact us at if you have any questions or you want to learn more. 

Warmest regards,

Jeff Hui, CEO
Jumpstart AI