Pacific Sleep Medicine Corp. Now Offering Tele-sleep Medicine

By Stuart J. Menn, MD

Pacific Sleep Medicine Corp. has been serving the desert community here since 2001. Until now, we have offered a traditional full scale sleep medicine practice, helping patients with a wide variety of problems including chronic insomnia, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, parasomnias (strange behaviors while sleeping), circadian rhythm disorders including jet lag and shift work problems and finally narcolepsy and the daytime sleepiness issues.

Today, we are announcing a tele-sleep medicine program that will allow patients to get a major part of their diagnosis and treatment online without the need to leave their home or workplace. This service will be of great help to those existing patients having issues with their existing treatments, including CPAP use. The initial low cost for an online consult is $149.00 Medicare and most PPO insurance will cover this. For more information about the program send email to with subject:  Tele-Sleepmedicine Program

Stuart J. Menn, M.D. FAASM
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Stuart J. Menn, MD

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